Our satisfied patients are talking…

In 2001, I had an eye infection that almost left me blind in my left eye.  By the time I got to Dr. Berger, I really thought I would lose the eye and was distraught.  After treatment, surgery and a transplant, I have my eye and can see almost as good as I did before.

Several years later, in 2007, Dr. Berger did the surgery on my right eye due to a cataract, and I can still see really well with it.

I can only say that when you have one bad eye that has been saved, you are real careful about who you entrust your other eye and vision to.  Through all my experience, I have personally found Dr. Berger to be my best surgeon and a trustworthy, caring doctor.  I could not see myself going to anyone else.

Amazing. The best thing I ever did!

I also want to commend Dr. Berger on his office staff and the staff at the Brandon Ambulatory Surgery Center for their professionalism efficiency and friendliness. Everyone has been great.

Let me begin this message with letting you know how happy I am with Craig Berger MD. and his staff. They are very accessible and efficient. Waiting is always minimal and all questions are answered promptly including pre and post operative.

I just had my second cataract/lens implant surgery and chose the Crystalens. It is more out of pocket but is truly a far superior lens. Their rebate, in effect now, is easy to apply for and very promptly returned. Dr. Berger, at this time, is offering a reduced rate for his fee for this surgery.

I Cannot begin to tell you how unbelievable this lens and surgery is in terms of eye sight and am told it will still get better given more time. I have worn glasses most of my life and still look for them every morning then realize with a fantastic thrill that I`m seeing more than I thought there was to see. I`m reading signs and building numbers that I thought weren`t possible to see without being in a parking lot or driveway—it`s amazing!!! Computer and shopping are a total pleasure without glasses. There are so many aspects of my new eyes that I`m surprised every day!

The surgery itself takes very little time, is painless and recovery is very quick too. I watched a movie the afternoon of my surgery.

Do yourself a huge favor and consult Dr. Berger before you make any eye surgery plans.

I was born with cataracts and have had to wear glasses or contacts all my life. At age 33, I decided to have them removed. I feel that Dr. Berger went the extra mile in his patient care. He treated me with patience and care. He did a wonderful job by explaining the risks, listening to my concerns and recommending the right lens implant for me. His bedside manner during the surgery was impeccable, alleviating any stress that I was feeling about the surgery.

I cried after the surgery when I realized how clear everything was and seeing what I was missing. At my follow-up appointment, I could see 20/20 for the first time in my life.

I am very satisfied with Dr. Berger’s performance. I am looking forward to seeing how the other eye turns out. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in eye surgery or just looking for a great ophthalmologist. You wont be disappointed.

I was diagnosed with keratoconus, a bullet-shaped cornea, at age 17.  I had worn hard or rigid contact lenses to correct my vision for years.  I recently underwent a corneal transplant and cataract removal under the experienced hands of Dr. Craig Berger.  Weeks following my surgery, I am seeing much better and for the first time, may wear corrective glasses to improve my vision.

I would recommend, to any person considering this kind of surgery, Dr. Berger.  He is the doctor to choose for an excellent outcome.  I was very pleased with his pre-surgical consultation and prompt assessment of my disorder.  He explained the need for my surgery.  The surgery was scheduled quite quickly and my vision is now in repair.

Dr. Berger’s post-op follow-up has also been excellent.  He and his office staff were warm, friendly and most helpful throughout my procedure.

I have been a patient at the James A. Haley VA Medical Center in Tampa for eleven years.  I have always received excellent care from everyone.

I was very ill with cancer, and thanks to everyone who works there, I pulled through and am living a relatively normal life.

In July, I had cataract surgery at the hospital.  I was told my cornea was not shaped right and that I would probably have to still wear glasses after the implant was done.  Well, they did such a remarkable job that I don’t have to wear glasses for distance anymore.  I will still need them for reading very small print.

My purpose for writing is to let people know that the care given to veterans at that hospital is excellent.  People are so fast to criticize that not many take the time to praise for a job well done.

Doctors Berger, Weller and Burke at the eye clinic couldn’t have been any more experienced and professional.  They are marvelous, as is Janice, the nurse who makes the eye appointments.  To all of them, I say thank you and God bless you.

I am 55 years old and I have eye conditions:  Glaucoma, Cataracts and Dry Eyes.  I have been wearing corrective glasses for about 40 years.  My eye sight defect was increasing more and more, so I had to buy a new pair of glasses and frames.

I remember how bothersome it was when I had to go to the etiquettes parties.  I was so embarrassed to wear corrective glasses because it did not match with my outfit.  I decided not to wear those glasses for the event.  Of course, I was almost blind!  I could only see those people who were very near me.

During another circumstance, I went to a family reunion at a hotel in Michigan.  I had to go swimming with my family and had to take my corrective lenses off.  I was so embarrassed when I couldn’t recognize any of my own family!

I was walking in darkness…when I met Dr. Craig Berger, the Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida Eye Clinic in Tampa.  I explained my problem to him and he offered me a great solution — PRK surgery — it was going to correct my vision.

Thanks to Dr. Berger, I can see perfectly well without wearing those ugly glasses.  I can drive without missing curves and wrong exits.  Moreover, I can wear beautiful sunglasses that I could not wear before.  I feel great with my new, perfect vision.

My glaucoma, cataracts and dry eye are all under control.  Other doctors I went to told me I was not a candidate for laser surgery.

I was referred to Dr. Berger by my optometrist. I called his office and had an appointment within a week. I had Fuch’s Dystrophy, pseudoexfoliation syndrome, and a cataract in my right eye.

Dr. Berger did a partial cornea transplant (DSAEK) and a cataract surgery with implant. The surgery was a success, as was my recovery. Within 6 weeks, I had 20/40 vision.

I had no pain…The office and staff treated me promptly and with great respect. I will forever be grateful to them but especially Dr. Berger for a job very well done. The gift of sight is so precious…. I really feel he has given me back my life!

Dr. Berger is truly professional and an asset to the medical profession.  Any questions I had concerning my cataract surgery were answered in detail and in words I could understand.

The courteous administrative staff made scheduling for the initial consultation, surgery and follow-up appointments effortless.  Every attempt was made to accommodate my schedule and all done with a smile.

I am a pleased patient and the best part is I CAN SEE!

Dr. Berger recently performed surgery on my left eye to remove a somewhat rare melanoma. I have been very pleased with Dr. Berger from the beginning. He took the time to explain all my options, and the associated risks. I never felt rushed when dealing with him. He always made me feel like an individual, not a number.  I had the procedure done at TGH and between the staff and Dr. Berger, I felt I was in very good hands. I would highly recommend Dr. Berger if you believe you need eye  surgery.  Dr. Berger is a board-certified surgeon that you will have complete confidence in.

In February 2013, I had a very bad eye crash. My drain closed and my eye blew up slamming the lens into the pupil and stretching the cornea beyond belief. Many doctors examined my eye after Dr. Friedman put the artificial drain into it. No one was optimistic. Dr. Friedman sent me to Dr. Berger. He looked at my eye and said, “I can fix it. It won’t be quick or easy.” That was the only time I teared up. Dr. Berger did multiple surgeries on my eye that Fall. Recently, Dr. Friedman told me, “I can’t believe how well your eye has turned out.” “I can,” I said, “Dr. Berger told me he could fix it!”

While I will always be on an eye alert, I am pleased with my result. Dr. Berger, you are the man! As a business owner myself, I can tell you that Dr. Berger’s attention to detail and high demand on the staff makes a great result.

I am a 77 year old man who lost my left eye in 1990 due to a failed cornea transplant. I was very concerned when told I needed a cornea transplant in my right eye. I had three complications: glaucoma, fixed pupil and an intraocular lens that was moved from the back of the eye to the front. Dr. Berger said he could do the operation.

Two days after the surgery the graft came detached. In his office, he was able to re-attach the graft and put a air bubble behind it to hold it in place. I am now four weeks into healing and seeing better each week.

I am so impressed with his knowledge, skills and manner. He has a very good and caring staff. I without hesitation would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Craig Berger.

He will listen to the patient and handles the situation with great care. He takes time to explain the problem.

Dr. Berger implanted the Crystalens in both eyes.  The surgery was painless.  It gave me a new lease on life.  I am a truck driver and also ride a motorcycle.  My intermediate and distance vision is excellent.  I get no glare or halos at night and now I can see my golf ball land 250 yards on a long drive.

When I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes, I knew that cataract surgery would be complicated by my having had radial keratotomy (RK) in both eyes to correct my myopia (nearsightedness) in the mid-1980’s. The challenge of cataract surgery for post-RK patients is the difficulty in getting accurate cornea measurements to determine the prescription for the intraocular lens that replaces the cloudy lens. Current measuring instruments do not account for the segmented, flattened corneas of the post-RK patient. The surgery itself differs from ordinary cataract surgery in that the incision point is the sclera instead of the cornea to minimize the risk of destabilizing the segmented, post-RK cornea. The first ophthalmologist I consulted has a large practice in Tampa and specializes in cataract surgery, but he told me that, due to my history of RK, my case was too complicated for his practice. I then consulted ophthalmologists at the University of Utah who had conducted peer-reviewed, published research on cataract surgery for post-RK patients. One of them referred me to Dr. Craig Berger. I wrote to Dr. Berger and he promptly replied by telephoning me and telling me of his considerable experience working with post-RK patients in need of cataract surgery. When I had my first appointment with Dr. Berger, he explained that my case was further complicated by the fact that I had Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). Over a 5 month period, Dr. Berger systematically and successfully treated my DES, got the best possible measurements of my corneas, and, finally, performed cataract surgery on my left eye. I am writing this testimonial one week after surgery and can report that my vision in that eye is much improved. While it is too soon to say how close to perfect vision I will ultimately reach in both eyes, I am confident that, with Dr. Berger as my ophthalmologist, I will achieve the best possible outcome. He is both an outstanding ophthalmologist and a friendly, personable, and caring man. His office staff is also uniformly friendly and professional. At a time when many medical practices are characterized by high-volume output and impersonality, it is refreshing to find a medical practice such as that of Dr. Berger, who adheres to the highest standards of medicine and individualized patient care.

I had been seeing another ophthalmologist for many years. During the last several years, I basically lost the vision in my left eye due to a very thick cataract and a failed cornea from a previous cornea transplant. That doctor seemed reluctant to perform a “triple” operation (cataract removal, lens insertion and cornea transplant). Frustrated, I consulted with Dr. Berger and he was willing to investigate going forward with the “triple”. He researched my existing conditions, made observations of my eye and after three months he performed the “triple” procedure. The operation has been a success with my vision restored right after the operation.

In addition, Dr. Berger recommended the use of a scleral contact lens in my right eye to improve my vision. Lisa Oliveri, his Ophthalmic Technician/Manager, refracted me and with her patience fitted me with one that is very comfortable and has improved the vision in my right eye.

I am very thankful for finding Dr. Berger and his willingness to go forward with this challenging triple procedure considering the condition of my left eye. I am pleased with the results and appreciate his patience and, importantly, his skill with this difficult procedure. I also appreciate Lisa for her patience fitting me with a scleral contact lens. The office receptionist/appointment coordinator, Giovanni, is always friendly, courteous and willing to help.

I am so thankful for those who offer their corneas at their time of passing. Without their donations, myself and so many others would not enjoy the benefits of this important contribution for the gift of sight.